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KRR Prostream

KRR Prostream has over fifteen years’ experience of cleaning industrial boiler systems, giving us a thorough understanding of the issues faced by plant managers and how to resolve them.

KRR Prostream provides the tools to investigate and analyse all the key operating parameters to plants. This enables us to offer cleaning solutions to solve any problems found. Using our expertise we work with you to understand the fouling problems impacting your efficiency and offer technology to mitigate these. These solutions are delivered by our highly trained operatives using advanced online cleaning technologies and monitoring services.

KRR can create customised maintenance programmes for regular cleaning to reduce fouling build-up. We understand the unexpected happens, therefore we also offer an emergency callout service, allowing you to get back online as soon as possible and with minimal disruption.

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A Belgian based, family owned company whose business activities are based on lime, dolime and mineral products for everyday applications. Traditional business culture combines with a dynamic entrepreneurial approach as Lhoist are at the forefront of innovation in lime and dolime products.

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Mirion Technologies (IST) Limited

Mirion Technologies, Inc. is comprised of over 2,300 talented professionals across the globe working to create solutions and advance innovation; as a company we specialise in radiation measurement and detection. 

Mirion Technologies (IST) Ltd is a sub-division of Mirion's Detection and Measurement Division; we design and manufacture the IST-ReesTM and IST-QuadtekTM range of imaging systems for inspection, surveillance and monitoring in industries as diverse as nuclear (power plants, reprocessing and decommissioning), cement, pulp and paper, power generation (gas, coal and oil), steel, glass, petrochemical and waste incineration. Our cameras and imaging systems for high temperature environments combine temperature measurement, real-time video, and image processing into an enhanced video experience showing measurement information overlaid onto a live video image. 

With thousands of CCTV and imaging systems in operation worldwide, Mirion IST has over 35 years of experience in serving global markets and can provide an unrivaled level of service and expertise to our clients. Our experienced team of electronic, mechanical and software engineers continuously strive to optimize our products to provide high performance and reliability. Our intense focus on product quality, project management and customer service ensures that we are able to provide our customers with the best engineering solution for their imaging application. 

In addition to providing high quality products, Mirion offers worldwide technical assistance, comprehensive product training, on-site installation/commissioning, after sales support and product maintenance. The entire manufacturing process, from the use of high-quality raw materials and components through to the final inspection stages, is rigorously monitored to ensure that we meet and exceed the strict requirements and expectations of our customers. Our quality assurance programme covers design, applications development, manufacture, repair, servicing and installation and is certified to ISO 9001:2015 by a UKAS and/or ANAB accredited bodies.

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Exhibitor 2023

CEM Solutions (UK) Ltd

CEM Solutions (UK) Ltd  – Suppliers of turnkey Continuous Emissions Monitoring systems for environmental compliance and process optimisation. We were founded as a business to provide a better service experience to this sector and subsequently we have partnered with a leading German instrument manufacturer - Dr Foedisch. This combination of class leading equipment, first-hand experience and close connections with current (and future) legislative demands enables us to be well positioned, not only to advise and supply to EPC contractors, but also provide support to O&M contractors throughout the lifespan of the equipment.

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